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Forklift Sweeper / Collector

forklift sweeperAvailable in a range of widths. All of our brushes are driven by Hydraulic motor. Suitable for sweeping yards & roads, even cobbled yards are swept efficiently.

They have easy to change bristles which come in either Polypropylene or a mixture of both wire and Polypropylene.





Features & Specifications:

  • Inboard motor for ease of sweeping up to walls etc. & protection from collision damage.
  • Optional Speed adjustment through sprocket selection.
  • Rapid fitting through fork attachment
  • Adjustable jack legs for rapid height alteration
  • Flow control valve for motor protection
  • Dust / Spray suppression guard
  • Readily available replacement bristles
  • Optional water tank & dribble bar for dust suppression
  • Optional Kerb brush
  • High strength folded shell
  • 22" bristles


Specification Sheets

pdfForklift Sweeper - Spec Sheet(471.64 KB)


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